Hy-FLo 700


Hy-Flo 700 is pre-pressurized and requires no external power source.

Designed For Large Jobs

Constant pressure system consisting of short-filled chemical tanks that are more heavily pressurized than the rest of the Versi-Foam® product line.

Class 1 Product

The Versi-Foam® System 700 consists of a flame retarded formula, meeting requirements of ASTM E-84

Can spray an even 14 1/2" wide pattern at 1" thick. The perfect solution for the highly efficient hybrid insulation system or air sealing projects where 1" of foam is required. It is packaged in four cartons, complete with our patented U-Control dispensing gun attached to two 20 foot hoses, 12 flash spray nozzles, 3 multi-purpose mixing nozzles, and nitrile gloves. Hy-Flo 700 will produce 700 square feet of cured foam at a 1" thickness. The Hy-Flo Systems are a Class I foam.

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