Most refrigerated trucks, trailers, sea containers or vans have polyurethane foam in the walls, ceiling and floors to provide insulation for temperature control. Repairs are simplified using Versi-Foam® disposable foam kits. Their portability allows for ease of use without consideration for power source or pressure.


Side walls, roofs and floors are easily covered using the multi-purpose mixing nozzles included with every system, with an optional fan spray nozzle available for wider coverage. Because the flow of chemical is controlled by the pull of the trigger, hard to reach areas and tights spots are easily insulated using Versi-Foam®.


Buses and RV's that have air conditioning for summer months, and heat for the colder climate conditions are easily insulated using Versi-Foam® kits. In addition, it helps reduce noise from outside.


Click on operating instructions to see how easy it is to use the Versi-Foam® Systems. You will find physical properties in specifications choosing the standard foam for most applications, and the Class I foam for applications in which flammability is an issue.

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