Although closed-cell Versi-Foam® Systems are not technically an acoustical material (meaning they do not absorb sound), they can be used in the effort to control sound.  As a closed cell foam, it will block the transmission of sound from one area to another. Therefore, spraying a layer of foam on an interior wall will muffle sound around loud rooms and maintain privacy in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, libraries, etc.


By spraying a layer of foam onto very hard surfaces, sound is reduced because the echo is reduced. For instance, a room with concrete walls and floors with a very loud piece of machinery can make for a very noisy situation. The sound of the equipment will keep bouncing off the concrete surfaces. Foam on the walls will reduce the echo, thus reduce the sound.


Because it is a closed cell, expanding sealant, by caulking large gaps between areas can stop the passage of sound, along with air, dirt, moisture, etc.


Click on specifications and choose the Standard foam or the Class I foam for your specific application.

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