Versi-Foam® disposable foam dispensing systems serve many purposes in the repair and maintenance of various roofing systems.


Repair polyurethane foam roofing systems. Remove the damaged section or blister. Remove all loose dirt and debris, and clean the roof substrate. Use the high density foam in the Versi-Foam® System 10 or System 33 with the fan spray tip. Spray the foam to fill the area. Finish the edges to meet the edges of the existing foam roof. Apply a coating that matches the existing coating. Click here for complete instructions.                        


Create flashings and seal penetrations. Remove loose dirt and debris from all surfaces to be included in the seal. Spray apply the foam to a nominal 1" thickness. Cover the foam with a protective coating to prevent degradation from ultraviolet rays.


Fill pitch pockets. If there is no bottom to the area to be filled, create a metal dam to support the foam in its liquid state. Fill the cavity with foam and apply a pourable sealer to prevent damage from pooling moisture and ultraviolet rays. If you need to reenter, you can cut through the foam to add lines and replace existing ones.


Seal fluted edges on metal roofing systems. Insert the gun into the opening at the roof edge. Pull the trigger for a few seconds, filling the cavity. Allow for expansion of the foam during the cure process. Any foam exposed to the sunlight will need to be coated to protect it from damaging ultraviolet rays.


For temporary night seal for a singly ply project, Clean the substrate surface, removing any loose dirt, debris, oils, water or other contaminants. Apply a 3" side by 1" thick strip of foam, half covering the edge of the membrane and half covering the roof substrate. This will seal the edge of the membrane against water intrusion. To resume your project, cut off the layer of foam and cut off the section of the membrane that was foamed onto the deck.


Click on Specifications for the Versi-Foam® System that best suits your needs. Contact us if you would like to discuss your specific application.

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