Manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities often require insulation and sealant in their maintenance and repair schedules. Polyurethane foam is often specified to meet the physical needs for these tasks, but due to the layout of the facility logistics sometimes make it impossible to use a conventional foam machine brought in by a polyurethane foam contractor. It is for these projects that a disposable portable system like Versi-Foam® perfectly suits the needs of the specific job. It can be taken to any location where foam needs to be applied. No outside source of power or pressure is required.


Versi-Foam® is available in different densities and different sizes. There is a Versi-Foam® formulation available for most industrial requirements. It can be used to insulate walls, ceilings, roofs, pipes, tanks, and duct work. It can be used to seal large gaps and crevices and for sound deadening.


The physical propertiesof all Versi-Foam® formulas can be found by clicking on specifications. Click on operating instructions to see how easy it is to use Versi-Foam®.

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