Commercial construction projects often present challenges to architects and contractors, some involving insulation, air sealing or sound dampening. These issues can be addressed with the use of Versi-Foam® portable disposable polyurethane spray foam systems.


In our energy-conscious world, one of the key phrases is "Building Envelope," which is the system of components that protects against movement of air, moisture and heat. As one of the most efficient insulation materials available, spray applying a layer of Versi-Foam® onto the surface will provide excellent insulation in lesser thicknesses than other insulating materials. However, the R-value of the insulation system is no longer the sole factor in energy conservation. Air movement and moisture control must also be taken into consideration. Versi-Foam® is an expandable foam that will completely seal any gaps and crevices preventing air infiltration, moisture infiltration, as well as the intrusion of dirt and pollutants from the outdoors. In addition, large gaps and crevices are easily filled using our patented U-Control dispensing gun.


Versi-Foam® spray foam can be used to seal HVAC penetrations through wall junctions.


Versi-Foam® spray foam will act as a sound dampening material, softening surfaces to reduce echo, and will inhibit the passage of sound from one area to another.


Consider Versi-Foam® spray foam kits for new construction and retrofit of commercial buildings - offices, universities, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets, warehouses, health care facilities, airports, sports centers.


Click on Specifications and choose Standard (non-fire rated formula) or Class I (E-84 Class I containing additional flame retardants) for your specific commercial construction needs.

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