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How to Apply Spray Versi-Foam®  Insulation

Thank you for choosing Versi-Foam for your home insulation or commercial insulation project! Everything you need to get started with your spray insulation is included in your Versi-Foam Kit. If you need further instructions than the ones below, please see your instruction guide document provided in your Versi-Foam Spray Kit. To apply your Versi-Foam spray Step 1: Turn the tank valves to the on position Step 2: Click one of the nozzles into place on the dispensing gun Step 3: Disengage the safety, when ready Step 4: Point the dispensing gun at your spray foam target Step 5: Pull back on the handle and dispense the foam insulation

Whether you’re working on a large home build or a smaller home project, applying Versi-Foam kits is just as easy as that!

Watch the video below to see how to start using your Versi-Foam Spray Kit in real time!

Foam Spray Pattern Tips: Getting Started with Versi-Foam Spray Kits

For the best spray pattern, it is best to stand 18 to 24 inches away from your target. With Versi-Foam spray systems, you can control the velocity of the chemical flow by how far you pull the trigger of our patented U-Control dispensing gun. There’s no reason to be surprised by the density of your spray foam kits! Initially, pull the trigger all the way back, and then ease it forward until you find the position that gives you the best results for your foam installation project. 

Start with the Perimeter

Spray a strip around the perimeter of the spray installation area you wish to cover. With a back-and-forth motion of your wrist, fill in the area from top to bottom with Versi-Foam. The faster you move your wrist, the thinner the layer of foam. The foam will expand six times its original liquid volume, so be careful not to apply too much in one pass. In just 30-45 seconds, the Versi-Foam spray will be tack-free to touch!

Adding Additional Layers of Foam Application

Looking for a heavier spray installation than the first layer? Apply another layer of foam in a snap. If your application requires a thickness in excess of 1 inch, we recommend applying it in multiple passes. 

Keep in Mind: Applying too much foam in one pass may result in an uneven surface, and the foam may sag before curing completely.

Using Your Fan Spray Nozzle

Fan spray patterns can be achieved with a purchase of a spray tip accessory. 

Please Note: If you choose the high density foam found in the Versi-Foam® System 10 and Versi-Foam® System System 33, and you need to spray apply the foam to a surface, we strongly recommend the purchase of the fan tip accessory to achieve an acceptable spray pattern.

How to Fill a Gap with Spray Foam

To caulk large gaps with a spray kit, simply run a bead of Versi-Foam into the cavity. Place the tip of the spray nozzle at the edge of the cavity and slowly pull the trigger. Remember that the foam will expand six times its original liquid volume, so take your time with the initial application - You can always add more foam to fill the gap as needed once it has fully expanded.

Dispense too much foam? Don’t worry! You can trim away with excess with a sharp knife.

How to Fill a Large Hole with Spray Foam

Polyurethane foam is an exothermic plastic. That means that it generates heat as it solidifies. Polyurethane foam is also an excellent insulation material for any construction or home project. If too much spray foam is dispensed into a large cavity or a large hole, the foam around the outside of the space will insulate the heat generated from the core of the cavity, and combustion could occur. 

The team at RHH Foam Systems strongly recommends that you dispense no more than two inches of foam in one spray foam application. Allow each layer to cure, and add foam to the top of it.

Have more questions about your foam installation project or looking for spray foam kits to help with your next project? Contact our team today

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