Versi-Foam® is featured in several major motion pictures, theatrical productions, television shows, museums, theme parks, theaters, displays, and haunted houses. You may have already seen it, you just don't know it.


Versi-Foam® is a professional product used as a sculpting medium and a molding material to create just about anything, in any size. Build a base out of wood, chicken wire, screen, styrene board, whatever works best for you. Spray apply the foam to the base building it up where you will be shaping your form. Allow to cure. You can mold it, carve it, sand it, cut it, grind it, shave it. You can paint it, coat it. You can cover it with polyester resins. You can create any surface texture in any shape and color.

See how Versi-Foam® was used in prop building to create 9' mushrooms

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