Sprayed polyurethane foam is used in metal building construction and maintenance for air sealing, condensation control and general insulation. Many metal buildings have a corrugated surface. Sprayed insulation covers uneven surfaces efficiently because it molds to irregular shapes. Although large buildings may be more economically insulated by a commercial polyurethane foam contractor, disposable foam kits are often used to create a complete insulation system in small buildings. Seams are easily sealed using foam kits as well as floor/wall junctions where moisture intrusion is often an issue. Insulating the underside of a metal roof will control condensation and erosion.


Surface preparation involves the removal of all loose dirt and debris. In ideal conditions, the surface temperature will be between 65°F and 90°F for optimum yield.

Interior surfaces in inhabited buildings should be covered with a 15 minute thermal barrier for fire protection.


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