How is Versi-Foam® a “Green” Product?

1. Versi-Foam® increases energy efficiency and can allow for reduced green house gas emissions. SPF insulation saves energy and reduces the use of fossil fuels, thereby helping to reduce global warming gasses.

2. Versi-Foam® protects occupant health by improving air quality.

3. Versi-Foam® reduces waste and environmental degradation – it can lead to a more durable building with a longer lifecycle (e.g. prevents mold/moisture issues).

Tax credit information

If you made certain energy-saving home improvements, you could get a tax credit for up to 10% of the purchase price of qualified products, up to a maximum of $500 for all your home improvements.

This credit is only available to those taxpayers who did not claim more than $500 worth of home energy tax credits in a previous year. 

In order to claim this energy credit, you must have purchased the qualified improvements and placed them into service during the appropriate Tax Year. To qualify for the credit, the energy-saving improvements must have been made on an existing home (not a new construction) which was your primary residence, and you owned.

For insulation you can claim a maximum of $500 (installation costs do not count).

Click here to download our Manufacturer's Certification Statement. You will need to submit this along with your receipt. 

LEED certification information

Product Description: Versi-Foam® Systems 15 Class I and 50 Class I Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation and Air Barrier. Low-pressure disposable foam kits that contain two chemical components – Component A (isocyanate) and Component B (polyol blend). It is a flame retarded foam formula, meeting requirements of ASTM E-84 Class I.

The following items assist in qualifying for the LEED Certificate of Analysis:

Low-Emitting Materials Adhesives and Sealants: 0 lb/gal of VOC’s are contained in the product listed above. Information can be found on the MSDS for the specific product proposed for use).

Optimize Energy Performance: Versi-Foam® Systems 15 Class I and 50 Class I have and R value of 6.7 per inch.

Fundamental Refrigerant Management: Versi-Foam® Systems 15 Class I and 50 Class I low-pressure spray polyurethane products use a HFC-134a blowing agent that is contained within the resulting cellular product to act as an inert gas which insulates and contains no CFC’s.

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