Cold storage construction projects demand effective, efficient, and high performing insulation. Versi-Foam spray insulation kits are uniquely positioned to deliver on all three. No matter the size of the cold storage unit in question, we have the right insulation kit for you. Most cold storage facilities are constructed using pre-insulated panels (metal panels with foam sandwich cores). As a professional construction or project manager, avoiding thermal leaks at all cost is imperative. Versi-Foam sprayed in cold storage projects has become an important part of the construction insulation process.

Professional Cold Storage Insulation

Today’s builders demand the best products. Don’t let the other guys slow you down. Versi-Foam provides an easy to use and portable kit giving you the ability to apply the foam to every possible nook and cranny of a cold storage structure. Let Versi-Foam do the work for you. Our industry-leading spray foam is used to seal the juncture where the roof meets the wall, wall and ceiling junctures on the interior, floor to wall junctions, and in corners.

Effective Spray Foam Insulation

At RHH Foam Systems, we’re here to help. From the start of your cold storage insulation project to the project’s finish, everything you need to know about using Versi-Foam spray foam is at your fingertips. Thousands of projects have been finished using Versi-Foam insulation and the Operations Manual of the International Association of Cold Storage Warehouses cites Versi-Foam® for use in the repair, replacement, and maintenance of insulation.

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