Versi-Tite® Window & Door is a one component polyurethane foam used to seal small gaps and crevices. It dispenses from the can in a 3/8" caulking bead for easy use in sealing around doors, windows, pipes, outlets or any other penetrations.

 Versi-Tite® Window & Door is a moisture-cured product and should not be used to fill voids larger than 1 inch.  For large voids, Versi-Foam® should be used.


The minimal expansion of Versi-Tite® Window & Door allows for use around door and window framing.  For this application, dispense the foam as a caulking bead, filling approximately 35% to 50% of the cavity opening.  The foam will expand to fill the entire cavity. The foam is considered flame retardant, with an ASTM-E84 flame spread rating of 25 and a smoke developed rating of 50. It has a UL listing, number R-27463. It is suitable for use in any type of structure.


Versi-Tite® Window & Door is packaged in the following sizes:

12oz Straw Foam:

  • Will yield approximately 921 linear feet per can based at the 3/8" caulking bead
24oz Straw or Gun Foam:
  • Will yield approximately 1,842 linear feet per can based at the 3/8" caulking bead
  • The dispensing gun for the gun foam allows for more control over chemical flow and caulking bead size.
  • Dispensing guns are available in all metal construction
  • Cleaning solvent, which is utilized to flush out the guns at the end of the day, is available in a 16 oz. pressurized can.  At the end of the day you unscrew the foam can, screw on the gun cleaner, pull the trigger to flush out the gun, and put the foam can back on.

16lb Tanks:

  • Will yield approximately 13,914 linear feet based at the 3/8" caulking bead
  • Comes complete with a 9.5' hose and dispensing wand
  • Ideal for those larger air-sealing or caulking applications

Operating Instructions for Straw Cans

Operating Instructions for Gun Refill Cans

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