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New Shipping Classification for Versi-Foam Kits

by katie on Tuesday April 1st '14, 9:43 am

US DOT has changed the UN product classification on the Versi-Foam low-pressure spray polyurethane foam systems. The prior product description fell under : UN1956 Compressed Gas, N.O.S. (Fluorinated Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen). The new product classification for shipping by all modes of transportation (road, air, and vessel) will be as follows: UN3500 Chemical Under Pressure, N.O.S. (Fluorinated Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen).

As part of these regulatory changes, additional packaging requirements dictate that "the cylinders must not be offered for transport when connected with spray application equipment such as a hose and wand assembly." Beginning May 1, 2014 all Versi-Foam medium size kits (9, 9SR, CL9, 15, 15SR, CL15, 10, 31) will be shipped with the gun/hose assembly detached within the box, rather than already attached to the tanks.  Going forward, each medium size kit will be equipped with a wrench for the user to properly secure the hose fittings to the tanks.

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